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  • Posted on 12/25/2009
Hi, i'm Owen Jones, male, from United Kingdom, i'm easy going and take life serious, i was happy when i saw your profile on here, it makes me remember a wonderfull day like this after a long time ago searching for the builder of home.And becos some one special like you hardly comes in life time like this, and knowing you becomes my priority, and i was with full joy and happness when i came across your profile and now you have become a treasury in my heartand i can't wait to feel your sweet reply and i will never let my predilection down for you becos my heart is just my heart for you and above all if loving you is a crime then let me remain in the prison of love. This is my email id owen_jones1980@yahoo.com, pls kindly send your reply to me via my emial id. Thanks.........

Owen Jones